The Alberta RCMP Missing Persons Unit, want to remind Albertans of a few key things when it comes to reporting a Missing Person. 

1. Do not wait to make a call! The sooner police are aware or notified of a missing person, the sooner a search can begin.

2. You can report a missing person from anywhere.  You do not have to wait to get back home – call the police from wherever you are, report what you know, and ask for help.

3. Provide as much detail as you can. It is helpful for the investigation to have as much detail as possible, including recent photos and description and activity of the person.

4. Photos are imperative. Provide investigators with recent photos that are ideally straight-on profile, without filters that could obscure or alter appearance. Alternatively, provide links to social media accounts where photos can be found.

To report a missing person, call 911, walk into your closest police station or call a complaint line.

If you have travel plans, ensure that you provide your written itinerary including destination, mode of transportation and contact information to a loved one, friend or neighbor. It is an important safety practice that someone is aware of your location and plans when you are away from your regular routines. The safety of citizens is a priority for the Alberta RCMP.

Additional information about missing person’s cases can be found on the Canada’s Missing website:

Information provided by the Alberta RCMP