Alberta RCMP continue to be deployed with specialized units to assist with public safety and crime reduction efforts. May 5, 2023 the Alberta RCMP began deploying additional resources throughout Alberta to assist with community evacuation efforts in areas at risk of fire. Members are tasked with securing, patrolling, and monitoring evacuated communities, and assisting with evacuations by completing door to door canvassing to share important safety and resource information with residents.


The Alberta RCMP’s uniformed members and support staff are working to ensure the safety and security of families, their homes, and businesses throughout the affected areas. This includes the many First Nation communities who have been working tirelessly with RCMP detachment commanders to protect the safety and security of their lands, territories and people.


As of May 17th, 2023,


  • 12 priority offenders have been taken into custody or removed from various communities;
  • 28 reported instances of break and enter or trespass; and
  • 12 charges have been laid with investigations still underway.


“What has been so incredibly humbling over the last couple of weeks” said Supt. Blake Ward – Acting District Commander, Western Alberta District, “is our interactions with the residents, who, despite going through a stressful and emotionally taxing situation, took the time to recognize that we are there to help; the thumbs up, or the thank you when you’re passing a checkpoint.”

The Alberta RCMP recognize that in situations like this, time is valuable, and residents help us by being ready and trusting those of us tasked with preserving public safety and protecting our communities from crime. Alberta RCMP members establish and maintain perimeter controls in fire-affected communities conducting roving patrols of neighborhoods, commercial, and industrial zones. These activities ensure the effectiveness of the RCMP’s continuous round-the-clock crime suppression efforts, ensuring that nobody is in an evacuation zone who shouldn’t be.

“Specialized Crime Reduction Units from Central, Eastern, and Western Alberta district are tasked with the tracking, monitoring, and apprehension of prolific offenders and other individuals who might unfortunately see the wildfires as an opportunity to create more problems for people.” said Acting District Commander - Supt. Ward.

The RCMP’s Special Technical Operations unit and general duty members continue monitoring checkpoints, patrolling communities, and utilizing a full complement of technological tools to continuously track unfolding situations throughout fire-affected communities in Alberta.

Members of the Alberta RCMP remain grateful for the opportunity to serve our residents and neighbours in the same communities we work, live and play. Together with our Municipal District, First Nation and town council partners we are encouraged by our collective strength to support the on going re-entry plans around the province as well the partnerships required to rebuild those areas that have been damaged by wildfire.