Alberta Parks is updating its online campsite booking system.

Online registrations are now going to be year-round instead of just the launch day every year.

The new online system went into effect at 9am yesterday morning. 

And every day a new campground will be added to try and alleviate the massive overload the website has especially struggled with over the last two years.

The first date when reservations can be made will be 90 days before the campground’s season-opening dates.

Another change is the length of time you can book an individual campsite.

Previously you could book 16 days at a time but because of many cancellations over the years, it's been reduced to booking only 10 days at a time.

This is for individual campsites. If you're looking to book for comfort camping it's 180-days in advance instead of the 90-days in advance for individual non-comfort camping.

Group camping areas will be made available starting today.

More details can be found on the Alberta Parks website.

Information provided by Okotoks Online