Over the past five years, Alberta's government has been developing the Alberta Recovery Model, a comprehensive care system aimed at supporting individuals with addiction or mental health challenges. This initiative has removed treatment fees, increased treatment capacity by over 55%, and introduced a program for same-day access to treatment medications.

A major goal of the Alberta Recovery Model is to enhance long-term treatment capacity, supporting individuals on their path to a life free from addiction. To achieve this, Alberta is constructing 11 world-class recovery communities, offering up to a year of treatment.

With an investment of up to $35 million, a new recovery community in Grande Prairie will increase access to crucial addiction treatment services in northern Alberta. This facility will offer 50 long-term treatment beds, counseling, opioid agonist treatment medications, and various support programs. The treatment will be free for all Albertans, removing barriers to care.

“Our government is proud to invest in treatment and recovery, supporting those suffering from addiction. I look forward to seeing positive changes in northern Alberta as families heal and reunite,” said Dan Williams, Minister of Mental Health and Addiction.

Pete Guthrie, Minister of Infrastructure, added, “Building the new recovery community in Grande Prairie will provide crucial access to addiction and mental health supports for northern Albertans. We are committed to delivering the necessary public infrastructure for recovery communities wherever they are needed.”

The Grande Prairie Recovery Community is expected to be completed by early 2027, welcoming its first clients shortly thereafter. Additional recovery communities are planned for various locations, including Calgary, Edmonton, and the Blood Tribe.

“The County of Grande Prairie extends heartfelt appreciation to the provincial government for establishing the Grande Prairie Recovery Community. This facility will provide a vital service in northern Alberta,” expressed Brian Peterson, deputy reeve of the County of Grande Prairie.

Alberta's government is making unprecedented investments to support all Albertans, regardless of location or financial status. This includes adding over 10,000 new publicly funded addiction treatment spaces, eliminating fees for live-in treatment, and expanding access to the Virtual Opioid Dependency Program, offering same-day access to treatment medications.

Information provided by the Alberta Government