A woman is praising God after her life flashed before her eyes while attending a church service in Alabama.

As Pastor Brandon Stewart was nearing the middle of his sermon at Mount Zion Church in Gordon, Alabama, he heard someone coughing in the front row. 

"I know it’s allergy season, and colds were running around, so I was like, it could be just that. And we were about to lay hands on her and heal her in the name of Jesus in a minute.” Pastor Stewart said in an interview with WTVY News 4

Eventually, Stewart, who was a guest pastor at the church that day, realized that the woman was choking. 

"I was praising the Lord like everybody else, but I had a piece of mint in my mouth because I get a dry mouth. I got choked on it," said Lois Adams to WTVY News 4. "A little piece of it, I reckon, went down my throat, and I couldn’t breathe. Next thing I know, somebody has me in the air.”  

Stewart quickly jumped into action, performing abdominal thrusts on Lois. 

"Once she was clear and could talk, we all made a joke," said Stewart.

He says although he had nothing to do with what happened in church that day, he's glad God is using it to further his kingdom.

"I'm honoured and humbled that God used me in this position to be able to spread his gospel and me save Miss Lois."