Results from the City of Grande Prairie 2022 Point in Time (PiT) Count on Homelessness observed at least 328 individuals experiencing homelessness in the community.

On September 26 and 27, 2022, Grande Prairie participated in its bi-annual Point in Time (PiT) Count to capture information on the city’s current homeless population.

Pit Counts serve two important functions: it provides a current snapshot of the city’s homeless population, and it potentially reveals shifts in how homelessness may be changing over time.  

Grande Prairie’s 2022 PiT Count was conducted according to federal standards and similar to previous counts with an expanded methodology which increased the survey hours.

The count included both the self-reported survey data, observed unsheltered individuals, and systems data from local partners and organizations supporting homelessness individuals.

Key Findings: A blend of 2022 Point in Time Count administrative data, street count survey results, and encampment numbers were used to arrive at the total number of homeless individuals counted. However, the street count survey data based on the responses of 77 individuals was used to generate an understanding of the key demographics and population trends. These include: 

•75% of those surveyed were experiencing chronic homeless, which means that they have been homeless for 180 days or more out of the past year.

•61% of those surveyed identified as Indigenous

•5%surveyed were veterans

•65%of those surveyed were adults aged 25 to 44, the largest age group experiencing homelessness

•124 people visit emergency shelters on the day of the count,this includes Wapiti House and Sunrise house

•43 people were counted at domestic violence shelters

•11%were experiencing hidden homelessness, as they were staying with family and friends

•51% of individuals indicated they have mental health issues

•66% of respondents reported two or more health challenges

“Addressing housing and homelessness needs is integral for the inclusive and caring community we want to support in Grande Prairie," says Mayor Jackie Clayton. “Thank you to everyone who partnered to make the PiT Count possible, the results are going to make a significant difference in our homelessness strategy.”

Participating in the PiTCount is a collaboration with Alberta’s 7 Cities Network on Housing and Homelessness. Working with the 7 Cities Network and Homelessness Partnering Strategy means that Grande Prairie’s findings are used in broader policy development, creating a strengthened local, provincial, and national approach to ending homelessness.

Local results will be used to guide the 2021-2023 Homelessness Strategy. The full 2022 PiT Count report is available on the City of Grande Prairie website: