An 11-year-old boy from Minnesota is lighting up the stage for Jesus with his drumming skills.

John Miles Brockman got his first drum set at two years old and started performing with the worship band at his church when he was just nine.

With all the attention he was receiving, and people interested in hearing him play, John Miles' parents decided to create a social media page for others to enjoy his talent. This quickly turned Brockman into a viral sensation. 


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"The same day we started his socials, he was at church and the Holy Spirit spoke to him about Ukraine," said his father John to Charisma News.

"He was like, I want you to prophesy something on the drums, and it will help Ukraine with what they're in right now," said John Miles

Just three months after posting their first video, John Miles had over 35 million views and 130,000 followers.

“His goal is to make Jesus famous, that’s why he plays and when you watch him play, he’s just so full of joy,” said John to Charisma News.

John Miles continues to spread the light of Jesus with a recent collaboration with Matt McKenzie, the drummer for Red Rock. The pair played a solo on the song, 'There's No Way ft. Chris Brown.'

"Insane! We want more!" said one fan. "Praise the Lord! He creates you an awesome worship drummer. You are amazing!" said another.

Today, John Miles plays regularly at his church, Creative Church, and is open to any opportunity that comes his way.