100 Avenue Construction on Track to Open to Pedestrians and Vehicles by End of October

The construction on 100 Avenue is on track to restore pedestrian and vehicle access by the end of October and significant work on the project has been completed.

Businesses in the area are open and some pedestrian access is currently restored on the west block of 100 Avenue between 102 Street and 101 Street. Businesses temporarily without front of store access may be accessed through the rear laneways.

The replacement of underground water, storm, and sanitary pipes is complete, providing the downtown core with pipes that have larger carrying capacity leading to a reduce risk of pipes backing up during rain events and open the area to the possibility of higher-density development.

In addition, the initial two layers of pavement have been laid on the entirety of Phase 3 roadways on 100 Avenue between 100 Street and 102 Street. The paving of this area provides a hard surface for crews to work from and also protects the completed underground work from wear and tear related to weather, equipment, and debris.

The paved roadway may appear complete and ready to drive on, however this area still requires a final layer of pavement and will be used to store construction materials, such as brick, and equipment.

Total remaining work on Phase 3 includes the installation of:
 Concrete sidewalk base on the east block between 100 Street and 101 Street
 Paving stones
 Streetscape elements such as bike racks, benches, and recycle/garbage bins
 Landscape elements such as trees and shrubs
 Final paving and roadway markings

The installation of these items is scheduled to occur over the months of September and October.

The scope of the project has changed to include additional storm lines and sidewalks west of the initial project boundary and the installation of additional sanitary, storm, and water service lines throughout the project. The additions have a limited impact to the overall project completion timeline due to time made up earlier in the summer.