One 10-year-old boy is using his video games differently than expected. 

Courtney Nash posted a video of her son playing his Oculus online and praying with others. "I can pray for you guys," the boy said in the TikTok video. "Your mom got in a bad accident right? I want you to know that people are here for you."

As the young boy asked if the other was ready, he started to pray for him. "Dear God, please help this man's mother to get better and for him to be happy and for everyone to comfort her at this time of distress. Help her to feel better and to have a better day. Please help her to get better and feel comforted. In Jesus' name, everyone said, amen."

@courtnash1104 Its the “there you go brother” for meeee🥹 #fyp #prayer #Oculus #viral #foryou #Christiantok #childofGod ♬ Boundless Worship - Josué Novais Piano Worship

After praying, the young boy gave an air hug to the other. 

The comment section was filled with others, some of whom this boy had prayed for prior. "Oh my gosh! Your son played with my son the other day and we heard him say this! I sat and listened and cried! This is not normal on VR! What a big world but to see this is a sign from God! ❤️❤️❤️"

Another user chimed in to share in the excitement for the young boy's passion that is inspiring others. "My son saw this and now wants to start praying for other while playing on his. Your son is starting a movement."

The boy has inspired other kids. "My daughter was in this room when this happened. She came and said 'Mom listen to this kid praying.' Good job momma. 🥰🥰"