A mega church pastor from Tulsa, Oklahoma has released a new book discussing the mental health crisis happening in churches all over the world.

"Depression, anxiety, and emotional trauma are on the rise, even more so after the painful few years we’ve all been through," said Daugherty.

While the church has had an unfortunate track record when it comes to discussing mental health issues, Paul believes it’s time for the church to break its silence. 

"The whole reason I wrote this book is because I felt like giving up 12 years ago during a very discouraging season in my life, and I wasn’t convinced that things were going to get better," said Paul. "You can’t just pray trauma away. Depression and anxiety can affect even the most devoted believer."

In this book, Mind Games, Paul Daugherty shares his own story of walking through anxiety and depression, helping readers understand how frightening and debilitating mental health struggles can be. He also talks openly about the valleys and peaks of his healing journey. 

Daugherty also touches on some of the biggest mental and emotional health issues that he has seen people in his life and congregation facing and offers practical tips and strategies to help readers discover the door out of depression and into mental and emotional victory. 

"My friend, hold on, there is light at the end of the tunnel, things will get better, God is not finished yet, I promise you, if you will choose not to give up and put your faith in God‘s plan and purpose and his goodness then you will see his faithfulness in your future in greater ways than you’ve ever seen in your past… Your best days are right in front of you! Never give up!"