Award-winning author and filmmaker Jared Brock says almost everything we know about Jesus is wrong. 

According to Brock, Jesus did not start a religion. He didn't wear long robes. And his name wasn't even Jesus.

"That wasn't his name," said Jared. "His name in Hebrew was Yehoshua Ben Yosef, which is Joshua, son of Joseph. We'd call him Joshua, son of Joseph. We went from Yehoshua in Hebrew to Yeshua in Aramaic to Jesus in Greek."

Jared says the inspiration behind this book started with a fun question his wife asked him.

"Michelle and I were cooking Mexican food one day, and I was tossing beans and jalapeno juice and limes and stuff. And Michelle goes, I wonder how often Jesus farted," Jared explained. "We just descended into giggles, but it got us thinking about the human Jesus. And it got us thinking about the fact that, like, he never tasted a potato or tomato because those were from the new world."

Jared kept asking questions until he finally felt compelled to do the research and write a book.

Packed with history, philosophy, archaeology, genealogy, and more than 1,000 Scripture references, A God Named Josh: Uncovering the Human Life of Jesus Christ is a must-read for anyone interested in the real Jesus.

“We will focus our lens on the human Jesus,” said Jared.“His philosophy, politics, economics, and spiritual teachings are brilliant. Even in our post-modern secularist society, Jesus of Nazareth offers some profoundly relevant ideas for living well."

Today on Connections, Jared uncovers the human life of Jesus Christ.