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The people behind a television show that has already set records before it has even aired have now released the first teaser trailer. 

The Chosen is a multi-season drama based on the life of Jesus. "Believe it or not, there's never been a TV show, complete with multiple episodes and seasons about the life of Jesus," the creators said in an online post.

The television series is being produced thanks to crowdfunding. To date, the creators have raised over $10 million, making the project the top crowdfunded media project of all time.

Over 16,000 made financial contributions towards the project.

The show's creator, Dallas Jenkins, told the Washington Times in an interview that releasing a pilot helped launch the record-setting campaign. The pilot episode was released in December of 2017 as a 'proof of concept.'

You can watch the entire episode below.

As for when the series is set to debut? The show creators say that the first four episodes are done and will be released "soon." Content will be released through the streaming service VidAngel.