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A multi-site church is already seeing fruit since launching a brand new church campus in an unusual place.

Gateway Church is a megachurch in the Dallas-Fort Worth, Texas area. They now have seven campuses, after their most recent one launched at Coffield Prison, in Anderson County, Texas.

Senior Pastor Robert Morris made the announcement to his congregations last week. The prison campus actually launched in November.

"It's been something we've been working on for a while, but we haven't told the whole church, yet," Morris said in the moments leading up to the announcement during the church's services last week.

Over 300 were in attendance at the first service. 

"The ability to raise up everybody from the usher level to the people who get involved in sound and video, that's going to be awesome for discipleship," an inmate involved in the ministry said in the launch video.

"Gateway has really impacted my life, because a lot of us do not have visits. You guys coming in here and sharing y'alls love to us has really impacted our lives," another inmate said.

Morris said that Gateway hopes to have 10 prison campuses in the next two years.

Over 500 inmates have made the decision to follow Jesus since the launch of the prison campus.