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Newlywed Jamie Grace has announced that soon she will be a new mom, too. 

The Christian singer made the announcement on her YouTube channel last week.

Grace said that because of symptoms, one morning very early, she took not one but two pregnancy tests which had strong positive results. In her excitement, she tried to wake up her husband of seven months, model and actor Aaron Collins, but he was just too tired. Jamie had to wait until 11:00 a.m. before her husband woke up to tell him the exciting news.

Collins said that he went into the kitchen first to get something to eat and Jamie had asked him to come and check the cables in the cable box because the TV wasn't.

He says, “I looked and everything looked cool, they’re fine.” What he didn’t realize is that Jamie had placed the two pregnancy tests behind the TV for Aaron to see but initially didn’t. She insisted that he check again to make sure the cables were plugged in and when he glanced again, he noticed the pregnancy tests.

Aaron looked at her in shock and asked, “Are you for real?” Collins says he is "usually a cry baby. But she was recording me so I didn’t really cry until she turned the camera off.”

Meanwhile, Jamie’s sister Morgan Harper Nichols had sent her husband Patrick to the store to pick up a pregnancy test. The positive line was faint so they waited a couple more days and took another test, which confirmed a strong positive.

A doctor’s appointment was made to confirm the pregnancy. However, before the appointment. Morgan and Patrick were involved in a car accident. They weren’t seriously injured but went to the hospital anyway to get checked out.

It was then, that the doctor came in and said, “You’re pregnant!”

jamieandaaronGrace and Collins were married at North Metro Baptist Church in Lawrenceville, Georgia, on April 14 of 2018. They had over 1,500 people at the spring wedding. (Screenshot: Jamie Grace/YouTube) Jamie and Aaron stopped over at Morgan and Patrick’s to give them some fake mail with a message inside that said “we’re having a kid”.

When Morgan read it she looked at Jamie. The look on her face gave Jamie the impression she wasn’t all that pumped about it.
Morgan explained that the first thing she thought when she read the message was,”Well, that is beautiful!” She felt bad because if she wasn’t pregnant her reaction would’ve been so much bigger. She said, “ I felt like, ‘Oh no, Jamie’s going to think I’m not excited for her!’”

Jamie knew something was up and asked if they were pregnant too? Patrick said, “Yes!”

Jamie and Morgan are very excited to share their pregnancies together but their husbands Aaron and Patrick are even more so, for-seeing all they will share together.

Both ladies are due in June of 2019. "We know that it might seem like a very early pregnancy announcement but once we realized we were carrying life we just wanted to share that with everyone and celebrate that together, and ask for your prayers as we embark on this crazy and wonderful and exciting journey," Grace said.