Abundant Life Church9932 91st Ave. - GP, AB780-532-0649Phillip and Gwendolyn (Pastor) Steven and Laurie (Assistant Pastor)
Alliance Church - Beaverlodge409 10 St. - Beaverlodge, AB 780-354-2036Greg Clark (Pastor) Michelle Dwyer (Community Life Pastor) [email protected]
Alliance Church - Fairview9720 105 Ave. - Fairview, AB 780-835-2346
Alliance Church - GP15502 102 St. - Grande Prairie, AB 780-532-8836Anthony (Senior Pastor) Rod Willems (Executive Pastor)
Alliance Church - Valleyview5205 50 St. - Valleyview, AB 780-524-2984Joshua Rigby (Pastor)
Alliance Community Church 10204 101 Ave. - Hythe, AB 780-356-3880[email protected]
Anglican Church of Canada - Beaverlodge314 10 St. - Beaverlodge, AB 780-354-2033 
Anglican Church of Canada - GP (Christ Anglican Church)6610 Poplar Drive - GP, AB 780-532-2093 
Anglican Church of Canada - Fairview10900 103 Ave. - Fairview, AB 780-835-2580 
Anglican Church of Canada - Valleyview5001 47 St. - Valleyview, AB780-524-3602 
Anglican Church Rectory 310 10 St. - Beaverlodge, AB 780-354-3683 
Calvary Lutheran Church La Glace Sexsmith, AB 780-568-2524 
Catholic Church - BezansonBezanson, AB 780-402-3985 
Christian Fellowship Assembly11449 92 St. - GP, AB 780-538-1350Rev. Glen Breitkreuz (Lead Pastor) David Nesbitt (Executive Pastor) Rev. Steve King (Community Life Pastor) Lance Tyrer (Youth Pastor) Kim Penney (Family and Children's Pastor) [email protected]
Church of Christ - Highland Park - GP9602 92 Ave. - GP, AB780-538-4211Alan Jones (Senior Minister) [email protected]
Church of Christ - Mission Heights - GP8321 Mission Heights Dr. - GP, AB780-538-4211Scott Pence (Site Minister) [email protected]
Church of Christ - Eastside - GP10318 92 St. GP, AB780-538-4211Jason Wood (Site Minister) [email protected]
Church of God of Prophesy (The)5003 - 45 St. Box 1101 - Valleyview, AB 780-524-4114 
Clairmont Community Church 9905 100 Ave. - Clairmont, AB 780-567-4099Dan Ikenouye (Pastor)
Christ Community Church 10106 112 Ave. - GP, AB 780-538-9452Pastor Brent & Robbie King [email protected]
Christ Covenant Church10222 101 Ave. (Golden Age Center) - GP, AB   Jamie Soles (Pastor)
Coram Deo Baptist Church9101 104 Avenue - GP, AB 780-532-0445Ben Lane (Pastor) [email protected]
Cornerstone Mountain Assembly PAOC11001 Leonard St. - Grande Cache, AB 780-827-2636
Evangel TempleHighway St. - Valleyview, AB 780-524-3623 
Fairview Cornerstone Baptist Church10501 100 St. - Fairview, AB780-835-5656
Fairview Gospel Chapel10512 111 St. - Fairview, AB 780-835-4198Dave and Vera Brisbin (Pastor)
Faith Fellowship Christian Reformed Church11801 105 Ave. - Fairview, AB780-835-5225[email protected]
Faith Lutheran Church 9610 108 Ave. - GP, AB 780-532-7612Pastor Ventura
Forbes Presbyterian Church 9635 76 Ave. - GP, AB 780-539-5125Rev. Malcom (Minister)
Fox Creek Pentecostal Assembly505 5th Ave. - Fox Creek, AB 780-622-1003 
Generations Church8202 110 St. - GP, AB780-538-4611Travis and Amy Hanson (Lead Pastors)
Good Shepherd Lutheran Church4812 55 Ave. - Valleyview, AB 780-524-3712 
Gospel Light Church - Debolt Debolt, AB 780-957-3739
Grace Bible Fellowship Church9515 93 St. - Sexsmith, AB 780-568-4360Jason Easterbrook & Amy (Lead Pastors)
Grace Gospel Chapel5115 46 Ave. - Spirit River, AB 780-864-3893 
Grimshaw Pentecostal Church (Grimshaw Family Christian Centre)5414 50 Ave. - Grimshaw, AB 780-332-2459 
Harvest Baptist Church10001 101 Ave. Unit 102 - GP, AB 780-830-3010[email protected]
Holy Cross Catholic Church10734 Shand Ave. - Grande Cache, AB 780-827-2422[email protected]
La Glace Bible Fellowship Church Sexsmith, AB 780-568-4341 
Lutheran Church Mt. Carmel10710 98 Ave. - Grande Cache, AB 780-827-2621 
McLaurin Baptist Church 10913 107 Ave. - GP, AB 780-532-2823Peter Ma (Lead Pastor - [email protected])
North Country Community Church of the Nazarene10318 92 St. - GP, AB780-532-0704 
Pineview Alliance Church10201 Hoppe Ave. - Grande Cache, AB 780-827-3177
People's Church11850 108 St. - GP, AB780-539-0572Nelson Jones (Pastor) Marcel Frey (Associate Pastor/Executive Team) [email protected]
Rosedale Church of God In Christ, MennoniteCrooked Creek, AB 780-957-2362 
St. Bartholomew's Anglican Church4822 49 Ave. - Grimshaw, AB 780-332-2222 
St. John's Luthern ChurchWembley, AB 780-766-2794 
St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church 10404 102 St. - GP, AB 780-532-2351 
St. Joseph's Roman Catholic Church5019 43 Ave. - Spirit River, AB 780-864-3610 
St. Peter and Paul Roman Catholic Church4528 - 50 St. - Rycroft, AB 780-765-3931 
St. Mary's Catholic Church 1107 1 Ave. West - Beaverlodge, AB780-354-2415
St. Rita's Catholic Church4104 51 Ave. Box 248 - Valleyview, AB 780-524-3425Fr. Abraham Joseph MST (Pastor) [email protected]
St. Thomas More Catholic Church11130 102 Ave. - Fairview, AB 780-835-2250 
Salvation Army9525 93rd Ave. - GP, AB 780-538-2848[email protected] [email protected]
Seventh Day Adventist - GP711039 RR - County of Grande Prairie - GP, AB780-532-3808Dan Wilson (Pastor) [email protected]
Trinity Lutheran Church ELCIC 10407 100 St. - GP, AB 780-532-4978Greg Anderson (Pastor) - [email protected] [email protected] https://www.
United Church of Canada922 4 Ave. - Beaverlodge, AB 780-354-2016Rev. Neal Palmer [email protected]
United Church of Canada10451-105 Ave. - Grande Cache, AB 780-827-2179 
United Church of Canada (Spirit of Peace)4902 45 Ave. - Spirit River, AB 780-864-3556 
United Church - St. Paul's - Fairview11020 103 Ave. PO Box 700 - Fairview, AB 780-835-2008Harold Imes (Pastor)
United Church St. Paul's - GP10206 - 100 Ave. - GP, AB 780-532-2415Rev. Gordon Waldie [email protected]
Valleyview Emanuel Baptist Church4914 49 St. - Valleyview, AB780-524-3117Geof Cornelson (Lay Pastor) [email protected]
Wembley Baptist Church9711 99 St. PO Box 338 - Wembley, AB 780-766-3246[email protected]
West Pointe Community Church11305 Pinnacle Blvd. GP, AB780-532-2660Pastor Jared (Lead Pastor)
Westside Community Church (PAOC)11804 104 Ave. - Fairview, AB 780-835-5355Pastor Al & Mary Lynn Fraser
Victory Church on the Rock7702 - 100 St. - GP, AB 780-532-2350Paul Juss (Head Pastor) Charlotte Quist (Lead Associate Pastor)
The Oasis Fellowship10126 101 Avenue GP, AB 780-539-6179Rev. Stephen Laing (affiliated with Pentecostal Assemblies of Canada),
All The Nations 9711 99 St. PO Box 624 Wembley, AB 780-766-3006Rev. Dwight Munn (a new church plant, affiliated with Evangelical Free Church of Canada) [email protected], [email protected],,

Waldi Neufeld (President) - 780-568-3962
Barb Werner - 780-568-3962

Vision 5 (Connecting Christians to Meet Needs In Our Community)
Dean Yurkewich - 780-568-3418
Pathway Christian Communities

Alliance Church - Dawson Creek9009 10 St. - Dawson Creek, BC 250-782-3837Cyril Marlatt (Lead Pastor)
Apostolic Lighthouse Tabernacle809 96A Avenue - Dawson Creek, BC 250-785-5489 
Bethel Pentecostal Tabernacle11501 17 St. - Dawson Creek, BC 250-782-5885Rev. Gordon Warriner [email protected] Linda Warriner (Assistant Pastor)
Dawson Creek Community Church1224 103 Ave. - Dawson Creek, BC 250-782-4745Rev. David and Phyllis Roch [email protected]
Dawson Creek Native Christian FellowshipC/O 10225 17 St. - Dawson Creek, BC 250-780-8862 
First Baptist Church1400 113 Ave. - Dawson Creek, BC 250-782-4792Terry Coe (Pastor)
Foursquare Family Church1101 McKellar Ave. - Dawson Creek, BC 250-219-4238 or 250-219-7076Trevor Birak (Pastor) [email protected]
Grace Lutheran Church11101 17 St. - Dawson Creek, BC 250-782-3624[email protected]
Grandview Chapel900 94 Ave. - Dawson Creek, BC 250-782-4225 
Northgate MB Church1800 109 Ave. - Dawson Creek, BC 250-782-3262[email protected]
Notre Dame Catholic Church (Roman Catholic)908 104 Ave. - Dawson Creek, BC 250-782-3456Rev. Venerando Sabacan (Pastor)
St. James Presbyterian Church1501 108 Ave. - Dawson Creek, BC250-782-4616 
St. Mark's Anglican Church1029 103 Ave. - Dawson Creek, BC250-782-2939[email protected]
St. Paul's Lutheran Church901 Cornwall Crescent - Dawson Creek, BC250-782-3085 
Salvation Army (Dawson Creek Corps)1436 104 Ave. - Dawson Creek, BC 250-782-4812  
Seventh Day Adventist Church 9201 14 St. - Dawson Creek, BC 250-782-1710 or 250-719-7949
Tupper Church of the Nazarene433 95 Ave. - Dawson Creek, BC 250-719-7425Megan Polowski (Pastor) [email protected]

Catholic Church of the Resurrection9504 100 Ave. - Fort St. John, BC 250-785-3413 
Calvary Baptist Church9607 107 Ave. - Fort St. John, BC 250-785-4307 
Charlie Lake Community Church12731 244 Rd. - Charlie Lake, BC 250-785-1723Pastor Joshua Goetz and Sandra [email protected]
Christian Life Centre - Church8923 112 Ave. - Fort St. John, BC 250-785-4040Steve Oboh (Lead Pastor) [email protected]
Christian and Missionary Alliance Church 9904 98 Ave. - Fort St. John, BC 250-785-4644Andrew McGregor (Lead Pastor)
Evangel Chapel10040 101 Ave. - Fort St. John,
Evangelical Mission Church8220 89 Ave. - Fort St. John, BC 250-787-2550Art Voth (Pastor) [email protected] Harvey Wiebe (Pastor)
Fort St. John Presbyterian Church9907 98 St. - Fort St. John, BC 250-785-2482Terry Hagen (Pastor)
New Life Tabernacle9127 99 Ave. - Fort St. John, BC 250-785-2971 
North Peace MB Church10816 106 St. - Fort St. John, BC 250-785-3869Andrew Eby (Pastor)
Peace Country Pentecostals10507 101 Ave. - Fort St. John, BC 250-787-9888
People's Mission9008 100 Ave. - Forth St. John, BC 250-785-6476 
St. Martin's Anglican Church8732 113A Ave. - Fort St. John, BC 250-785-6471 
Salvation Army: Fort St. John Corps10116 100 Ave. - Fort St. John, BC 250-785-5891 
Seventh Day Adventist Church9008 100 Ave. - Fort St. John, BC 250-261-0025