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Kairos: God, The Church, And The World

Thursday, Feb 28, 2019 at 9:00 AM

Grande Prairie Alliance Church, 15502 102 Street, Grande Prairie, AB

Kairos Course Information

Originally started in the Philippines in 1994 (then known as the Condensed World Mission
Course) and based on the material in the Perspectives on the World Christian Movement
course, Kairos has been revised and updated, translated into multiple languages, with classes
running in over 67 nations.

The Kairos Course is a nine-session, interactive course on world Christian mission, designed
to educate, inspire and challenge Christians to active and meaningful participation. It is
ideally suited to be conducted in local churches, organizations or with special interest groups
such as Christian business people. It utilizes a variety of adult learning styles including group
discussions, short lecture introduction, devotions, video teaching and student participation
in specially designed activities. Kairos looks at the four main areas of mission concern, which
are the Biblical, Historical, Strategic and Cultural dimensions of mission.

Kairos looks at the four essential areas of mission concern.

1. God’s Purpose and Plan
2. Israel, the Covenant People
3. The Messiah, the Message & the Messengers

4. Expansion of the World Christian Movement

5. Mission Strategy
6. The Task Remaining
7. World Christian Teamwork

8. Cross-Cultural Considerations

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Grande Prairie Alliance Church, 15502 102 Street, Grande Prairie, AB

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