Terry Van Veen

Terry Van Veen

Terry has been with 96.3 Shine FM in Grande Prairie since November of 2008. Terry's radio journey began in mainstream radio in the late 80's. He's been 'up and down the dial' having worked easy listening, pop and country formats before God called him to Christian radio in the fall of '98.

Terry met his partner for life while working radio in BC's Southwest Interior. He and Donna were married in Vancouver and started a family a few years later. The Van Veen household is a busy place with two growing boys.

Terry is a guitar enthusiast having spent a number of years playing on a variety of church worship teams. He also loves Canada's favourite pastime - hockey.

End your weekdays with Terry and the best in Today's Christian Music, the Power Verse, afternoon devotional along with news and weather on 96.3 Shine FM in Grande Prairie, AB.

Friday, 08 February 2013 00:12

Jess Wood

Since I was 15, I had struggled with anxiety, it was never bad enough that I still couldn't live and function I just basically avoided the things (certain things I felt I couldn't do) and did what I could. Well I hit 23 and I decided to chase my dreams and overcome any fears, so I went to college for Bacholar of fine arts, I always knew I wanted to make a difference, but I did'nt know how, so I thought maybe I could touch peoples hearts through my art. (this was before I was saved) I started school, but the person I dated at the time kept discouraging me and telling me how my dream were foolish and out there, basically.( I wont get into too much detail) So by the time I started taking BFA I was so discouraged, overwhelmed and confused I quit after two weeks. After this I broke up with the person I was with, moved back in with my parents and had to start over. This is when all turmoil broke lose...I had built up in my head before that that I didn't have to let anxiety control my life, and I was determind I could reach my dreams and goals. Well that became a lie to me, I started questioning everything I believed in, and basically at this point I didn't know what to think, what was right anymore, and therefore, I had no idea who I was anymore. Talk about a scary feeling, or what. So I ended up having this increase in social anxiety, I literaly couldn't walk into a grocery store, gas station, just to pay for my gas. (it felt like borderline agoraphobia) I felt like an alien on another planet, nothing felt real, and everything was intense. I was freaked right out, panic and anxiety everyday, some nights I couldn't sleep, I would be afraid of sleeping because I developed a fear of death at the time and I associated sleep with death. I even became anxious around my own family, I felt like maybe they didni't know who I was either(always feeling kind of like the black sheep, or outsider). I tried resisting what was clearly happening to me, but I couldn't fight it. It just got worse, and did it's thing. I got lucky one day and got a job working for my uncle, so I cried the night before, and went to work despite the fears. This former employee at work asked me if I would take him to the doctors, because he didn't want to go alone. So I took him, and after I was dropping him off at home, we started talking about God (dont remember why) and then he invited me in for some lunch and continued the conversation. He then opened up to me about his testimony, and when he did this, I decided to open up about the pain and suffering I was going through on a daily basis. He told me that I didn't have to suffer anymore, and that Jesus could save me(i accepted Jesus into my heart a couple nights later). Jesus came to me like the samaritain woman that day, and he gave me hope back. Hope I didn't have anymore. I've been following God ever since, changing my life, and I'm able to be around people better than before, It was a slow, baby step kind of process, but I have gained strength, I'm more at peace. it's not perfect, I still have my moments of fear and doubt, but God has enabled me to keep going and I believe he's going to continue and finish the good works he started in me, but I will be more whole than I ever have in my entire life. I just wanted to add that a few years before I got saved, I remember sitting alone and feeling like something was missing in my life, but I didn't know what it was. When Jesus came into my life, I knew it was him I was longing for and didn't even realize it. Thank you for listening to my story. Sincerely, Jess

Friday, 08 February 2013 00:12

Luke Shropshire

I gave my life to the Lord 3 years ago. By His Grace He delivered me from the jaws of the lion and set me up straight, alive in Him. Shortly after He had begun healing my life and freeing me from the chains of death, I began to search for someone to spend my life with. Immediately I learned that this was a job for Him...not me. I began to pray that He would send to me a young woman who loved Him with all her heart. I wanted to be second place! I trusted Him and asked Him to make it clear to me who she was. Four months later, I got a call on my cell phone. I didnt recognize the number, so I let it go to voicemail and then checked it right away. She said, " I dont know you and you dont know me, but I heard your name mentioned at my church and I really felt that God wanted me to call and pray for you." BAM! I knew who she was at that moment. I called her back and the rest is history! We got married one year later and now we have a blessed little girl on the way. The moral of the story is...trust God and He will deliver the best...(in His time, not ours). My wife and I are so very pleased with each other and even more so...we are so very pleased with our Gracious God. I pray His glorious blessings over all those who took the time to read our story. May peace and joy fill you and may your eyes be ever fixed upon the mightiest of Kings...the Saviour, Christ Jesus.

Friday, 08 February 2013 00:11


"sorry" I pressed the wrong button. Anyways, what I was trying to say is that the music you play can really get to someone and help them through the toughest struggles in ones life. The music goes beyond it's words, it makes you realise that others have gone through the same situations and you know that they are writing from their heart, that does fill me with joy. I am glad that some people have enough courage to share their emotions, love and faith. I just hope that someday I will be strong enough, through God to do the same. Thank you for always being there

Friday, 08 February 2013 00:10


Thank you for all that you guys at Reach FM do, I am so glad that you have come to Grande Prairie and that we have a Safe And Fun alternative on the dial. My husband is away on the rigs a lot of the time, so having a familiar voice in my car or the kitchen is such a comfort. Keep up the great work guys!

Monday, 11 February 2013 19:50

Addison Road

The story of Addison Road begins at Baylor University in Waco , TX. Jenny Chisolm met Ryan Simmons in choir and they soon begain making beautiful music together...literally. They wrote song and booked a few gigs. Ryan played acoustic guitar and Jenny sang. It became apparent that they needed a full band, so they enlisted a couple a friends. Jay Henderson on drums, and Ryan Gregg on lead guitar (even though he was already in another band). They made a rough 4 song demo for the newly formed Jenny Chisolm Band. By January 2001 they were ready to get a real producer and record a full album. This first independent album was called Not What You think. produced by Chuck Dennie from By The Tree. They then got another friend, Travis Lawrence, to join the band as a bassist. In 2002 Ryan and Jenny were married. The only problem with this was that Jenny Chisolm was now Jenny Simmons and the name The Jenny Chisolm Band didn't make sense anymore. They moved to Dallas to become a full-time band, eventually settling on the name Addison Road. The name was chosen after a sound tech who had a baby named Addison. They liked the name Addison and put "Road" at the end of it for no real reason.

Later that year they came out with a second indie album called Breaking Beautifully. They soon got a new drummer, and started leading worship at a local church. They took that worship leading talent to a Camp that summer and played in front of about 8000 young people. That was the inspiration for thier next indie project Always Loved You EP. That was followed by one last indie album in 2006 called Some Kind Of Spark.

In 2008, Addison Road released their debut self titled album. That was followed by Stories in 2010.

In 2012 after 10 together Addison Road decided to say goodbye. Addison Road's lead singer Jenny Simmons will release her first solo album, The Becoming, early next year.

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